Workshop Safety & Lab Rules

The objective is to develop and maintain safe working conditions in the Plastic Recycling Research Lab, and at relating places in which machinery is being operated by NYUAD students, staff, or professors.

Roles and Responsibilities
The supervisor is responsible to maintain tools and machinery in good working condition and must ensure that each machine is equipped with safety devices, including guards and emergency stop. The supervisor will make sure that each machine is inspected at least once per month and that any deficiency in terms of working condition and / or missing or damaged safety devices is corrected promptly and that the machine is locked out until necessary repairs are completed. The supervisor will ensure that each machine user is properly trained before permitting use of a machine and that the user wears the appropriate personnel protective equipment (PPE) when operating the machine.

Machine user: Each machine user, including workshop supervisors, professors and students, is responsible to acquire the knowledge on how to operate a machine before operating it, and to apply best operating practices including Safety Rules listed below. Each user is responsible to report any defect on a machine, and to clean the work station and the machine after completing the work. All users shall comply with the following “General Safety Rules”.

Safety Rules

  • Every time before you use a machine get permission from the supervisor.
  • Never work alone in the workshop; work in pairs only.
  • Work only with machines or tools you were trained on (see trainings-log in the lab).
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment when necessary (googles, ear protection, …).
  • When you work at the waste site (outside the lab) wear a warn-west.
  • Wear strong shoes: No open footwear. No sandals. No flip-flops.
  • Roll up sleeves: No loose clothing while working.
  • Tie up long hair; do not wear loose jewellery
  • Before you start working inspect the machine. Check guard(s) and make sure they are in good working condition; Know where the emergency button is located/test its use when you start. Machines are operated by one person at a time, while you are accompanied by a second person.
  • Turn the machines off before cleaning!

General Lab Rules
– Wear your lab coat.
– Leave the space cleaner than it was before.
– No food inside the lab; drinks are only allowed in lockable bottles.
– Report any damage or incident
– Student Research Assistants have to time-log.
– Familiarise with the fire-extinguisher, emergency phone numbers.
– Also, … be patient, do not rush your projects!