The research team strongly believed in the idea that interdisciplinary work is the model for the future. Therefore researchers at NYUAD’s Plastic Recycling Research Lab extended their perspectives by collaborating with multiple institutions and organisations, as well as the industry on a national (UAE) and international level (wider WANA region). Goals of a collaborations could be, but were not limited to:

1. Creation of research reports
The team researches the different fields around the theme of plastic recycling and translates the findings in diagrams, flow-charts, data-structures, 3D models and textual descriptions to give valuable insights, and to help understand complex scenarios.

2. Concept development and experimental prototyping
With the Plastic Lab’s location at NYUAD’s campus waste management site, the research team has direct access to the material resources thrown away daily by todays society. Taking this as a valueable source of inspiration the team develops concepts and creates use-cases, and realises those in form of products and services (experimental prototypes) for a more sustainable society.

If you are interested in a first meeting, to get a tour through the lab or NYUAD’s waste management site, or a workshop to kick-off a future collaboration for the development of new materials, or the creation of sustainable plastic products, or in sponsoring existing projects, just get in touch to the new director of the lab Prof. Khulood Alawadi.

Precious Plastic WANA Conference 2018, NYU Abu Dhabi, December 2018

From 2018-2020 the team collaborated with the following academic institutions/academic groups:
– Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo (BA)
– American University of Sharjah (UAE)
– Münster School of Design (GER)
– NYUAD Ecoherence (UAE)
– NYU Shanghai, Marcela Godoy (CN)
– Zayed University, Marie-Claire Bakker (UAE)

and with the following NGO’s:
Liters of Light (The Philippines, Manila)
– Precious Plastic (Algeria, Casablanca, China, Netherlands, Sarajevo, Tel Aviv, …)
Plasticchange.Org (Denmark)
URBZ Mumbai (India, Mumbai)

and the following partners from the industry:
ecoBirdy (BEL)
OpenFab Tunisia (TN)
– SERCO Middle East (UAE)